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Pain Can Be Inevitable, Suffering is Optional.

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    • RELIEVE: Relieves painful Neck, Upper Back Stifness and Pinched Nerves
    • HYDRATE: Decompresses and Hydrates Discs in Neck and upper Back Region 
    • MANAGE: Manages joint, Sprain and Spasm Pain 
    • IMPROVE: Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion
    • HELP: Help avoid Surgeries and Reduces the Frequency of Visits to the doctor
    • SAVE: Saves Time & Money
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    The unique features of the calmingTrax™

    Electric pulse therapy 

    Targets the cervical spine disc to improve blood circulation, speed up healing, improve the range of motion and prevent disuse atrophy.

     Intelligent adjustable heat therapy

    There are three different temperature settings that can be selected, based on personal preferences which relieve muscle spasms and decrease joint pain and stiffness. 

    External electrode pads

    The electrode massage pads can be used to massage any body parts offering direct stimulation to relieve tension.

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